PW Trading B.V. (PWT) is an internationally oriented and well-diversified trading firm that offers services to customers in order to connect supply and demand worldwide.

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PW Trading B.V.

The company was founded in The Netherlands on the basis of the global expertise and knowledge obtained by its founders; who lived and worked in different countries across the world, specifically in the countries Russia, China, Brazil, Uruguay, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. Meanwhile the company has expanded its markets to all five continents and new services have been developed in order to support the flow of business.

We invest in long term relationships with our customers and partners by providing tailored services to achieve their goals. Our swift and agile teams form quickly and seamlessly to find solutions in a dynamic, complex environment with consultants based in Europe, Asia and America.

We create access and expose markets to various goods and services for our customers. Our value lies in the creation of opportunities and the filling of knowledge gaps with practical business solutions that gives our customers and partners a competitive advantage in this global market.

By allowing our customers to specialize, we aim to reduce their opportunity costs and maximize their efficiency. Our cost effective solutions are value driven, providing you with lasting process improvements and our fees can be offset by savings in operating costs or by reduced financial regulatory exposure.
Our Vision: In future, we want to remain the synonym for quality and accomplishment.

Our Mission

Our mission remains mostly unchanged as we continue to concentrate our efforts on achieving an effective introduction of our clients´ products and/or services and the achievement of their goals in this global market.

We consistently support our customers by helping them navigate through the changing markets conditions of industries in continuous transformation. Our enduring responsiveness and expertise will establish us as one of the most sophisticated and reliable business partners. We have the resources and solutions that benefit our customers whether they are starting a new business or expanding an existing one.

We know the value of integrity, hard work and perseverance, and welcome the continuing challenges and opportunities that inspire our business every day. Our mission is to ensure our customers’ commercial growth and success by providing the most suitable products and most efficient commercial services available in the industry today.